5 February 2012

Snow Snow Snow

Being a summer baby, it's only natural for me to hate the cold that comes with winter.
If I can avoid going out, no doubt I will.

But I love the way some people panic when it snows. However, My only main concern is how can I dress and look/feel good whilst being warm and comfortable enough to walk on the snow without sliding here there and everywhere.

Honestly speaking.... I got a little frustrated today as none of my boots looks safe enough... (yet stylish) for me to wear out. So instead I was reduced to wearing my old hightop trainers! I was not impressed!

Unfortunately for me, I have to venture out in the icy snow tomorrow to one of my job interviews. And believe me, I went through hell and back this evening trying to find an appropriate but safe outfit for tomorrow!

Hope all goes well for me, and to you all, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.

Chao for now chickas! X



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