29 February 2012

Berry Nice

Top left: Cyber  - M.A.C- £12 
Top Right: Mulberry - Boots Natural Collection - £2
Bottom Left: Shade 9 - Constance Carroll - £1 
Bottom Right:  Stargazer - Plum -£3

While shifting through my make up draw, I notice a pattern.... Numerous berry lipsticks and quite a nice range of colors and price. The Cheapest is actually my favorite and the most 'day' wearable. The Stargazer is for those days when you want to be bold and even when it dries it leaves a nice stain, so extra points for longevity. The Cyber screams look at my lips. And Mulberry is a great alternative to the seductive Red.  

Today's choice however is Cyber.


Xuna said...

I love Berry berry much!

H.S said...

I looove the colours!:D Great choice btw;)

boo! coco said...

Thanks girls x

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