11 May 2011

Thanks for the day off your majesty!

Friday 29th April was the date Katherine Middleton and Prince William tied the knot! I was not particularly excited but was looking forward to the bank holiday (that we paid for anyway)! I'm Black British, born and raised in the UK... not sure whether its my Caribbean origins that prevent me from being patriotic but I have never seen much purpose in the royal family. That's a debate for another day but as it was a moment in history I decided to watch the wedding ceromony from the comfort of my sofa. . . unlike the thousands that took their place outside the palace in the early hours of the morning!

The moment we were all waiting for!.....

So then I met up with the girls in search for an anti-roylist party!lol but as you can see ended up being quite the opposite!

O and ladies... there's only one prince left!!! who will be the next lucky biiiatch!?

In the end I decided to embrace the Royal wedding.. they are just a couple that love eachother and I really do wish them all the best.

Ps. I want that ring Kate!!!


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