11 May 2011

Day 13: I give up... GIVING UP! *defeating my lippy phobia*

So this post is a little delayed but yes.. I had a lipstick phobia! I have always run away from colour on my lips , giving excuses that my lips are too big, its glam for day to day, etc but after being nagged by the girls I knew it was time to overcome my fears and get some lipstick! I must say I had a lot of fun lipstick shopping and was surprised that a lot of shades suited my skin tone, these are my first three purchases which I can't wait to wear out with the rest of my makeup done and outfits to match!

'Nude Delight' by Rimmel:

'Stare At Me' By Rimmel:

'Ruby Woo' By MAC:

I would recommend all the shades above, Rimmel lipstick was amazingly moisturizing and the matt finish of MAC's ruby woo is show stopping. I just need to perfect my pout with an application lesson from boo!coco and I will be good to go !
Next on the list a deep natural tone like Latifa's or a deep deep red and then a bright colour popping pink!
I hearby give up giving up defeating my lipstick phobia!


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