31 December 2010

Resolutions are soooooo 00's

Hey Kids. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah/ Blessed Kwanza or just a good week in general.
As 2011 quickly approaches everyone is making new years resolutions but this year I've decided that they suck. So scraping resolutions I'm going to have a Gameplans.
I bet your asking Game plan/new years resolution are practically the same thing but alas they're not.
I saw this quote recently
A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline."
(Harvey Mackay)
 And this is the reason why so many of us have memberships to gyms yet never use them thus Gyms make millions off of our shame, we end up broke and we remain 'fatties' 
Resolutions are just intentions Gameplans are the paths we take to win.

Resolution: I'm going to go from Precious circa 2009 to Kim Kardashian Circa Summer 2010 (her booty injections were popping then)
Reality: you think 'hmmm lets go to the gym for a little while and hope the rest works its self out.' Two months later your still look like Precious=FAIL

With our Gameplans,
1. Set yourself a goal and a target date.
2. Research and figure out the practical steps you need to do to accomplish your goal
3. While on your way there take timeout to evaluate your progress
4. BE HONEST! If you are not quite where you planned to be or your goal deadline is a little stringent then be honest with yourself.
5. Finally Reflect, What went wrong? What went right? What did you learn? What could you do better? 

For instance : I need to get my body and health right, my aim is to go from Precious to Kim by Valentines day

First quarter: Gym and diet

Second quarter: Back to the Gym and diet. Get some Virgin Indian Remy

Third quarter: Maintain weight loss, get boobie and booty implants

Forth quarter: A lil Botox, keep maintaining and throw on a Bikini

Over time: find a NFL player to test your body out and your booty looking a lil flats so get to squating and a refill on your injections  

Obviously this is a asinine example but i hope you catch my drift. Anyway thats my method for a successful 2011 I'll keep you updated on the booty implants.
If you guys try this or have your own method, let me know.
See you guys next year and


Diva's In The City said...

Agnes, you're a crackhead! But i like your way of thinking. 2011 lets get our Kim Kardashian on lol

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