20 December 2010



 I still bump this CD every Christmas
(lil fizz....... we can still be together baby)
Anyway aside from lipsyncing to 'Why'd you leave me' i've been a busy girl. After Detoxing my room I found a few old plain jumpers and decided on a little DIY project

 This had been one of my slogans for a while... so why not tell the world

1. You'll need paper (doesn't have to be lined as long as its thin enough to be see through), fabric paint , a pencil, paintbrush, tape (or a gluestick), a jumper and scissors

2. Outline your letters
3. Cut them bad boys out
4. Position your letters and secure it with tape or the gluestick
5. Paint around your letters or outline them if you want them bold and filled in

6. Remove your letters and add the lower case writing using your pencil dipped in the paint
7. Let it dry and rock that bad boy like you don't give a F**K

 til next time Kids

Peace and love


Xuna said...

I love love love!!!! xxx

Amandita said...

oh you are very creative, I like it =)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome DIY!! I like the title of your blog..it's funny :-) xoxoxoo

ABIGAIL NY said...

WOW great DIY!
LOVE IT and hope I'll get a chance to try it!


Lady Me said...

I love it! I wanna try!

Diva's In The City said...

I want Agnes! You make it for me. Thanx =)

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

I love this! So creative! Lovely blog hun :)

Stay gorgeous!

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