3 May 2012

My Natural Hair Journey So Far: 1st Month

Ola Minha Damas!

So it has been pretty much over a month since I graced this bloggersphere, and most importantly (for me anyways) a month since I did the big chop and became au naturel.
I'm not going to lie, once I had chopped of my hair, I instantly thought to myself... 'what the hell have I gone and done'.
But a coupleof hours later I embraced it and looked forward to my journey.

I got all the facts and nutrients I needed to know about from Boo! and immediatly made a basic hair regimen that would be easy for me to follow and keep up with.

So here goes...
  1. Wash my hair fortnightly with a shampoo which is low in sulphate. (I have stated to use the Tresemme Naturals shampoo)
  2. Co-wash / deep condition my hair once a week with a moisture based conditioner
  3. Treat my scalp every other day with Coconut oil (I suffer from severe itchy scalp and dandruff)
  4. Seal my ends and protect my edges with Castor Oil & Shear butter.
Since cutting my hair into a TWA, I have worn it in a protective chunky braid style for about 3 weeks.
During this, I was consistent with with my regimen, cleansing, conditioning and moisturising,

In the last week, I braved myself to wear my short TWA, out for a whole week to give it a bit of air before I put it back into braids.

So far, I have seen the positive effects of maintaining my hair in its natural form.Its much thicker and healthier, and it has proved my previous notion wrong, that I wouldn't be able to handle it.
Instead, I find joy in feeding and nurishing my hair and am enjoying every moment of it, so much so that I can't keep m hands out of my hair. :D

I now just can't wait for my desired length!


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Happy nappyversary

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