27 September 2011

The Alternative Alice in Wonderland Tea party!

This summer Xuna and I decided to take part in the Cancer Reasearch Race for Life!
This involved us training for a 5K run as well as doing fundraising to raise money for the charity.
We decided to do an Alternative Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!
Bet you're thinking well how was it alternative?!?
Well... instead of tea, we served cocktails in teapots and teacups and had shisha lol.
It took a lot of planning; finding a suitable place to have it (Ravenscourt park), advertising, baking (don't think I'm about to do it professionally anytime soon lol) and making our costumes! Look out for further post where we show you how we did all these fabulous things.
All our hard work paid of in the end! We completed the race in 59 mins and we raised £242.


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